LightVision provides comprehensive sound and lighting services for various conferences and business events. From identifying the ideal requirements for lighting any space, to onsite operations during the event, we provide our clients with the world’s most advanced equipment, and perfectly address your individual needs. We have years of experience in conference production, and continue in our ongoing work with the country’s best hotel venues to make any convention, lecture or presentation the epitome of professionalism. We invite you to contact us today to ensure your guests enjoy an unforgettable conference.

Perfect sound for any speech or presentation
Quality sound allows your guests to enjoy the conference and listen to every word. Using superior-quality amplification systems while carefully selecting the right loudspeakers and their location to address the acoustics of any hall or space, we create a sound experience exactly suited to your needs. Also, we can recommend the optimal microphones for any type of event, reducing background and ambient noise, and achieving a clean, coherent sound. We have a range of microphones, including:

  • Wired microphones
  • Wireless microphones
  • Single lapel microphones
  • Lavalier microphones with speakers

Conference lighting: Combining functionality and decorative design
In conferences, it is particularly important to select the right lighting for speakers, adjusting the spotlights and choosing exact shading for each area. The size of the space, number of guests, and height of the stage must be taken into consideration to create appealing and elegant lighting. Additionally, the decorative design and styling require precise lighting attuned to the most refined nuances. A setup of wireless lights does not disrupt the visual language of the set, and optimal lighting fixtures can be chosen for any space and configuration.

Advanced screening and viewing systems
Recent years have shown an increasing trend to incorporate visual elements in corporate events, such as real-time speaker viewing on giant screens. LightVision provides a range of projectors and LCD screens to create an interactive viewing experience, adding creative twists to any conference. Discreet location of projectors, and extensive positioning of screens in prearranged sites will give your guests a video experience that upgrades any lecture or seminar.

Possibility of outsourcing
LightVision can help you make various changes and additions to your event with specific outsourced services. This means you can arrange for any element you want, without any commitments, and with the knowledge that a carefully selected team of professionals are there for you.

Onsite technician at every moment
In order to ensure your conference is a great success, we provide a customer service station and professional onsite technician to operate lighting and make real-time adjustments. Thus, you know you are receiving the very best service and problem solving every minute of the event.