Dakar Azulay is the CEO of LightVision and the person responsible for designing the lighting of the most watched and popular TV shows in Israel. With over twenty years of experience in lighting production for a range of performances in Israel and abroad, maintaining a high standard of innovation, professionalism and hands-on approach, Dakar is an expert in tailor-made specification and design of lighting solutions. Thanks to a combination of advanced engineering skills and a unique visual approach, Dakar provides personal consultation services and comprehensive planning for television studios, fashion shows, artist performances and more.

Head lighting designer for Israel’s biggest television events

Dakar Azulay is responsible for the lighting systems of the most popular TV shows in the country, partnering with lighting, sound and digital designers of all the leading TV networks. Dakar serves as head lighting designer for many current programs: Big Brother, Great Country (“Eretz Nehederet”), X Factor, The Voice, Night Club (“Moadon Lila”), and Lab Laughter (“Tzchok Ma’abada”). Dakar provides lighting solutions for the biggest TV events, and among his many projects he has provided full lighting services for the shows – Survivor, the People of the Year Awards, and the Israel Film Academy Awards.

Specialization in fashion show lighting

Dakar’s love of the fashion world and decorative elements of lighting design is clear in the many projects he collaborated on with leading fashion houses, and the refined adjustment of lighting for every new collection. Dakar has many years of experience as senior consultant for the Castro fashion shows, the Gindi Fashion Week, and even as chief lighting consultant for the Miss Israel Beauty Competition.

Consultancy for corporate and private events

Dakar provides consultancy services and lighting planning for offices and real-estate projects, working in tandem with the country’s best interior designers. This includes personal consultations for international conferences in Israel, and maintaining close ties with luxury hotels that host high-end private events.

On a personal note…

“I believe that quality works stems from true passion and uncompromising love for the lighting profession. The chance to fulfill each client’s design vision, and stand at the head of a company that is wholly committed to the highest level of professionalism, convince me I chose the right profession. Incorporating creative and functional elements lays the professional foundation for every event I produce, and I feel enormously privileged to work in some of my favorite television shows. I invite you to contact us, and challenge us to meet your production needs, allowing us the opportunity to offer most inspired solutions”.

Dakar Azulay