LightVision is one of Israel’s leading and most respected lighting companies. Established in 2005, the company quickly became an integral player in the local fashion and television industries. Our team includes a team of lighting engineers and visual designers that offer lighting solutions per client specifications, and who are present at every moment to provide the very best customer experience. As part of our efforts to always remain at the forefront of the field, our company keeps updated on all the global trends, and uses the best professional equipment to make sure you fulfill your design vision. After having worked with the Israeli market’s biggest brands, providing lighting for the most watched TV shows, we believe that professional and personal service is the key to establishing long-lasting business friendships. Rest assured that when you pick us, we are at your side along every step of the way, giving you the treatment you deserve. We are aware that our clients are our best calling card, and invite you to become a part of the small and magical family we have developed over the years.

LightVision – Services

Lighting for TV

LightVision provides an array of custom-designed lighting solutions for a range of television shows. Thanks to our team of lighting designers, led by Deker Azulay, the company allows you to enjoy quality lighting and real-time monitoring while using the most advanced lighting in the world.

Event lighting

LightVision is proud to be a part of your most important days, supplying a wealth of lighting possibilities for events across the country. Using the best lighting and amplification, equipment and combining video systems on demand, we create a visual experience that puts you center stage.

Fashion show lighting

LightVision helps you transform runways into glamorous and glowing events, focusing the spotlights on your latest collection. With decorative lighting design, we create an envelope of lighting angles that best portray fashion and stay with you every step of the way.

Conference lighting

LightVision provides a range of lighting and sound solutions for conferences and company events, offering a variety of services for any occasion. Using a combination of powerful projectors, elegant LED lights and an advanced audio system, you can easily produce any conference, summit or seminar.

Hotel, business and office lighting

LightVision offers consultancy services to understand and meet the lighting needs of colleges, offices, and hotels interested in providing their customers with high-quality lighting. Our company works closely with Israel’s leading interior designers and architects to create decorative lighting for any space.