Lighting for event venues
LightVision provides lighting services for function halls and outdoor venues across the country, offering a range of tailor-made lighting per client specifications. From romantic illumination for heartwarming weddings, to dynamic dance floor lights – when you choose LightVision you can relax in the knowledge that we will transform your design vision into an unforgettable lighting experience.

Wedding lighting
Romantic and magical weddings are a LightVision specialty, and our way of becoming a small part of the most important day of your lives. Real planning of wedding lighting begins with really listening to your desires, and finding the right solutions to make your dream become a reality. A string of smart lights, unique effects, and professional operators will make your wedding aisle moment a timeless sense of romance, creating a moment that everyone present will remember forever.

Dynamic dance floor lights
Dynamic dance lighting makes every celebration of love into a wild dance party. Combining visual effects selected for tempo and musical style, and use of the world’s most advanced lighting management software, ensures you and your guests will stampede the dance floor. We provide spotlights, lamps and dance animation, making sure you have an experienced technician to on site until the last guest leaves.

Decorative lighting for tables, sideboards and seating areas
We provide soft and solid LED lights to create an intimate atmosphere suited to each kind of area. Using static lighting defused along the entire space, each area can be lit be the with right shade, and decorative elements added to personalize each space. Unique lighting techniques for buffets and seating areas immediately establish a gastronomical experience, providing your guests comfortable nooks and alcoves where they can sit and chat with friends.

Full specifications for outdoor and roofed areas
Excellent lighting through an entire event requires selecting the right solutions for its time and location. We pay particular attention to sunset hours in outdoor events, ensuring there is a special atmosphere everywhere – and at all times. Using wireless lighting and advanced LED technology, we light up the entire venue without cables and cords.
Experienced technicians at every event – providing peace of mind and real-time visual effects
We are at your service, and are profoundly committed to the high standards we have adhered to from the start, making sure to provide technical support throughout the entire event. A professional lighting technician will be with you, equipped with a laptop to manage and control every visual aspect of the occasion. With software to actively control the lighting systems, we keep up with the changes in atmosphere and create the right real-time effects to enhance them.