Lighting for boutique events

Homes are the best venues for private and business events, an opportunity to bring together those most dear to your heart to share those important life moments. LightVision offers quality package deals that combine the world’s most advanced lighting fixtures, and the country’s leading professionals, which meet all your design concept elements. We are completely open to our clients’ ideas, and are here to find solutions for your design vision, creating the right atmosphere for any social or business occasion and a visual platform to make any evening fun.
A unique lighting experience for any event
Lighting is one of the most dominant decorative elements of any event, and the most powerful one to leave a good impression. We are open to hearing your vision so that we can supply the right lighting solutions for you, and work together to plan the precise provisions for each occasion. We can deliver a range of decoration options to make every event unique.
Perfect modification for outdoor events – without the need for electricity
LightVision is here to help you hold your event in any venue of your choice, without having to worry about power sources. Using autonomous lights allows you to stage alfresco events in the great outdoors or in your own backyard, without needing to lease a generator or compromise on lighting due to power restrictions. Safer and more aesthetic than ever, these lights can be precharged and set for any family gathering or business event.

Wireless lighting for clean and elegant design
Mobile units allow you to personalize your design concept or maintain a key theme throughout the event. Without pesky wires and cables at every corner to interrupt your guests, mobile lights are completely wireless and preserve your vision. Movable at any point, they provide elegant lighting everywhere, and can be dispersed to provide a uniform and gentle backdrop.

Smart lighting and touch control
User experience is one of the most significant components to the success of small events and social engagements. LightVision offers an enormous variety of decorative lights that can be remote controlled, allowing for immediate visual changes anywhere and at any time.

Keeping green
We in LightVision use only LED lights, considered to be the most environmentally friendly currently available on the market. With particularly low energy consumption, this technology is the ultimate saver in electricity, and can be incorporated in inner spaces (such as apartments), to outdoor venues (gardens and porches). LED lights do not alter temperature, making them ideal for multiparticipant indoor and outdoor events.