Quality lighting is one of the most important aspects of TV production, and it is our specialty. LightVision provides a wealth of lighting solutions for diverse TV genres, including consultation and design by one of the country’s leading lighting designers. By harnessing the expertise of our CEO, Deker Azulay, and his close connections to the leading TV studios, you know that LightVision will supply exactly the right lighting for your show or program.

Lighting for entertainment shows and TV panels
LightVision is responsible for the lighting of many TV entertainment shows and panels, with special attention to photography styling, studio size, and production requirements. Soft and complimentary lighting and an active lighting system allow for adjusting solutions to any set, skit, or professional interview. From comic shows (such as Lab Laughter -“Tzchok Ma’abada”) to panel shows (like Night Club – “Moadon Lila”), our company has a great deal of experience in the production of Israel’s most popular entertainment programs.

Reality TV lighting
From X Factor to The Voice – LightVision is the company selected by Israel’s leading reality shows. Incorporating active and dynamic visual effects and lighting constructions precisely designed for your show, we offer creative solutions to bring to life any production vision. Using smart LED technology and the best lights in the world, LightVision delivers on that X factor every show needs.

Outdoor photography lighting
Shooting in outdoor sets requires a quality lighting infrastructure and constant attention to the fluctuations of natural light. LightVision has a range of lighting solutions for outdoor productions and supplementary footage taken under the open skies. We have advanced technological equipment suited specifically for the Israeli climate, allowing you to continue filming throughout all hours of the day or night, and ensuring you choose the winning frame for every shot.

Live broadcast lighting
Live broadcasts do not allow for mistakes, and such productions are always aware they need to choose the very best in the business. LightVision is responsible for lighting some of Israel’s most popular programs, geared particularly for live shows. Minute adjustments to each set, and full interface with the studio control systems ensure the best professionals are at your side when you most need them.

Years of experience- from Great Country (“Eretz Nehederet”) to Big Brother
LightVision has years of experience in the provision of lighting solutions and constructing visual platforms for a long list of shows. Our company, under the leadership of Deker Azulay, has collaborated on the country’s best loved programs, and work daily with Israel’s best directors and producers.